Estate Litigation

Estate Litigation

Disputes over how an estate is being handled can arise at various points during estate administration. We strive to advance our clients’ interests and gain a fair result.

Claims Against Executor/Administrator For Wasteful Spending

Estate executors and administrators have a legal obligation to perform their duties with a high standard of care, including the duty to avoid wasteful spending. Unfortunately, they don’t always fulfill their obligations. In some situations, executors or administrators may spend too much because of honest mistakes in fulfilling their duties. In other situations, wasteful spending may be the result of outright fraud. Anyone with a personal financial interest in an estate may file a lawsuit against an executor or administrator who has not performed his or her obligation to avoid excess spending.

Will Contests

Will contests arise when someone with a personal interest in a will believes the will is invalid. There are many reasons for challenging a will. Some are difficult to prove, so experienced estate litigation attorneys can help.

If you are involved in estate litigation in Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia and Clinton Counties, or you want to contest a will, bring a claim against an executor or administrator, or defend a claim contact RFE LAW FIRM, LLC, for the experienced legal assistance you need. Our offices are located in Delaware Valley, Central Pennsylvania, and Philadelphia.

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