Estate Administration

Estate Administration

We provide legal assistance in all aspects of estate administration, with an eye towards making the process as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Estate executors or administrators have many duties to fulfill. We have the experience needed to guide them to ensure that all the complex details are taken care of correctly. These duties include providing notice, notifying beneficiaries and creditors, going through probate, paying debts, handling claims, filing all required documents, probating the will, and preparing and filing Pennsylvania and federal estate tax returns, when necessary. There are many other duties, in addition to these, that an executor or administrator must perform in Pennsylvania.

Executors and administrators are required to perform these duties to a very high standard of care. While they are not legally obligated to hire an estate administration attorney, doing so will be very helpful. We use our experience to provide the guidance that executors and administrators need to perform what could otherwise be an overwhelming series of tasks.

If you need help in estate administration in Philadelphia County, Clinton County, or anywhere else in Pennsylvania, contact RFE LAW, today. We strive to make the estate administration process as easy as possible for executors and administrators. We have offices in Delaware Valley, Central Pennsylvania, and Philadelphia.

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